With every great product or company there is usually a reason behind the success, and typically that reason is addressing a need or problem in the market place. At American Time and Labor Company we believe we are fulfilling a need and fixing problems that American employers face while managing their businesses. American Time and Labor Company was created to help employers off-load the weight and cost of backend administration, while also helping companies manage employees more effectively. We really are redefining the industry, with a suite of products designed to help American employers manage their employees and fulfill requirements demanded on businesses by Federal and State wage-hour laws.

American Time and Labor Company is a provider of integrated human capital management (HCM) solutions for payroll and human resources (HR), for small to medium-sized businesses in the United States. The Company offers services, including payroll processing, workers compensation insurance, human resource services, benefits, tax management, time and attendance and GPS time tracking solutions. The Company, through its HCM software-as-a-service platform, provides an integrated product suite to manage employees and processes, while efficiently enabling employers to run companies more productively and in line with Federal and State wage-hour laws.

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Why American Time and Labor Company?

Employer Administrative requirements continue to rise. As a business owner your greatest challenges are finding the right people and keeping a reign on your expenses. Employer administrative threats continue to rise and having the right resources and infrastructure is not only expensive but creates enormous challenges that stretch the operating bandwidth of most small to medium-sized businesses.

The roles you take on as operator, employer, planner and business developer can consume all of your resources and time. If your focus is not clear every step of the way your business suffers. Like most companies, managing employer responsibilities such as Payroll, Taxes, Time and Attendance, Workers’ Compensation, Employee Benefit Programs and HR compliance is like a stroll through a minefield. One wrong step and it could be a fatal blow to your business. Nothing impacts your personal financial security like the burden placed on you as an employer.

American Time and Labor Company delivers a fully integrated workforce management solution on our cloud-based platform. Our powerful, multi-solution service platform is configured to meet the needs of any sized business in multiple industries. Nowhere else will you find such a powerful combination of workforce management solutions that help your company control labor cost and keep compliant with all of the employer related responsibilities.

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