Fully Integrated Workforce Management

Our powerful, multi-solution cloud-based service platform is configured to meet the needs of any sized business in multiple industries. Nowhere else will you find such a powerful combination of workforce management solutions that help your company control labor cost and keep compliant with all of the employer related responsibilities.

Employer Related Headaches Solved

Reduce overall ACA exposure, decrease employer administrative cost and stay compliant. We take a process that is time consuming and expensive and completely automate it by providing a comprehensive suite of agile solutions that will keep you well informed. We’ll allow you to make decisions more efficiently, from anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Experience Greater Cost Savings

Eliminate large, up-front worker’s compensation deposits, stay clear of wage and hour violations, rid yourself of complicated measurement periods and reporting for ACA, and improve your cash flow management. With our seamless payroll integration, businesses are able to remove the guesswork of calculating labor cost with a completely bundled offering.

Service Engagement for Any Sized Company

Our completely integrated platform is a great solution for an operator that wants to off-load all of their employer administrative responsibilities and focus on hiring, disciplining and developing employees, while nimble enough to meet the demands of a large company that may already have some of the internal bandwidth and processes but needs a system that can automate these activities. Our service engagement is positioned to help any operator with the myriad of processes and regulations that affect them as an employer. Our all-inclusive package features the highest levels of service and support.

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